What people are saying about un5gettable:

...one of the best vocal acts in the country
— Cyrus Rhodes - Band Blurb
[Sorry] is a solidly constructed song and one of the year’s best singles. Few bands like this exist anymore.
— Skope Magazine
If Weird Al and Progressive’s Flo had a family who grew up to be a boy band, the result would be Un5gettable. If you are in need of a laugh, then Un5gettable is the band for you.
— Indie Voice
This is the sort of humor lacking from popular music today. Un5gettable’s situations have an entertaining silliness, but they are ripped from the pages of our every day lives...
— Lydia Hillenburg - MusicExistance
This is first rate comedy... Un5gettable have sense of humor in spades, but their musical skills aren’t inconsiderable. They strike the right balance between those musical and comedic elements and surround it with strong production values.
— Shannon Cowden - Indie Music Review
“[Un5gettable’s] new single “Sorry” is their most complete effort yet and is one of the year’s most entertaining indie single releases.
— David Beals - VENTS Magazine
What hits you first are the perfect vocal harmonies... But once you listen to the lyrics, you can’t help but start laughing inside. Cameron is a true wordsmith, crafting realistic lyrics that combine to tell a story that is funny enough for Weird Al.
— Bob Leggett - LA Music Critic
These five performing veterans aim to tickle your funny bone with their wry, winking mockery of boy bands and sturdy songwriting driven by solid musicianship.
— Lance Wright - GasHouseRadio.com
...songwriter Joe Cameron has mastered the basics of constructing dramatic musical tracks. The comedic value is no restriction on him from eliciting a visceral response from the band’s listeners.
— Jason Hillenburg - bandblurb.com
“Despite their comic intentions, it’s clear very quickly that Un5gettable are more than capable musicians and singers. Many listeners are certain to be paying attention to Un5gettable in the future!”
— Joshua Stryde - Indie Artists Alliance
The interweaving of their various voices results in often seamless harmonies while still presenting listeners with five distinct, yet sympathetic, vocals that embody the song’s smirking humor.
— Indie Music Reviews
It’s only been 10 months!! Do you even understand how long it takes to edit together your 10 minute interview?? GIVE US SOME TIME!!
— Fearless Radio
Probably the most hilarious, best looking, charming, group of guys to ever sing their faces off...since...well, never!
— Un5gettable