In 2002, FIVE GUYS got together and thought what if?...just what if we could create a fake boy band just after the modern boy band was popular and our joke would no longer be topical?  

The answer: Un5Gettable! 


Joe Cameron, Kyle Cothern, Brendan Hawkins, Ryan Richards and Zach Harris were all performers at the local civic theatre. There they helped define the phrase, “meh…good enough I guess.”

Joe met Kyle when Kyle was a toddler.  Not because Joe likes toddlers (he doesn't) but because Joe went to school with Kyle's older siblings.  Once Joe recognized Kyle's perfect pitch they became best friends forever.

Ryan lived across the street from Joe. Did they play backyard football together? No. Never. Not once. You'd think after all those years of being neighbors Ryan would have come over at least one lousy time...but nooooooo...not Ryan. (Joe's over it?)

Ryan and Kyle went through grade school together. They shared a hatred for that one girl…what was her name? You know, with her perfect grades and her sucking up to the teachers…what was her name!!??!?!? Oh well. People thought they were twins. People still do?  

Brendan and Kyle were in their high school's show choir together.  Even though they were roughly the same size, Kyle was older and always got first pick of wardrobe so Brendan never got the correct sized sequined vest.  Brendan still holds a grudge.

Joe, Brendan and Ryan were all cast in the musical Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. They played brothers. They all swear this will never, ever happen again.

Zach and Joe met while working on the musical "Crazy For You." After a music rehearsal Joe walked with Zach to his car.  Joe was immediately taken aback by the amount of stuff and trash in Zach's backseat and couldn't help thinking "does Zach live in his car?"  When Zach opened his car door a guitar fell out prompting Joe to ask "do you live in your car?"

They began playing music together and haven't stopped since. Except for that time when they did. But the important thing is now they're back!  And better than ever. the very least they're back.